Adele Andrews - HE Vice President of Blackpool School of Arts

My name is Adele Andrews, and I am your HE Vice President for Blackpool School of Arts within the Students’ Union.

I love working as part of a team, previously being captain of my sixth form basketball team, so having a chance to work with others to enhance student experience interests me significantly. Currently I am studying Graphic Design and I’m thoroughly enjoying the course even through these trying times. However, there are still enhancements to be made on the student experience.

My big focus is making sure that all students feel welcome. As a queer woman with a mixed-race heritage, I understand feeling out of place. My aim is to ensure every student is heard, included and welcomed. There are a wide range of cultures and social groups at B&FC. Having the opportunity to share these experiences will further everyone’s knowledge and expand their understanding, as well as giving people the opportunity to make new friends that they may not have encountered whilst being a part of the College. Everyone should feel comfortable being the loudest version of themselves, free from the pressures of prejudice.

Ryan Thomson - HE VP of Computing

My name is Ryan, and I am currently studying Cyber Security Network Engineering Level 5.I am the Higher Education Vice President of Computing and Digital Technologies and hoping to make a difference this year regarding your experience of the college community of being online and being on site...

I have been in the Union before in Further Education and have done the Summer Representative Scheme, so I was able to look at policies that were getting put into place for the college and for the Vice President role I was able to make some changes when I was in the Position in Further Education.

So, with my knowledge and the team of student representatives, this year will make it easier for you to voice your opinion on how to make your experience at the College more enjoyable. I am here if you have any issues, and you don't want to speak to a member of staff.

Vicky Henderson - HE VP of Engineering and Science

I returned to education in 2019 to study an Animal Science and Management BTEC. As a mature student, the course provided an excellent foundation for me to enrol on my desired degree path – Marine Biology.

Outside of my studies I work part-time in retail. Furthermore, I enjoy conservation, history, scuba diving and travel, and have an eclectic taste in music.

Cheryl Flannigan - HE VP of Leadership, Management and Lifestyle

Hello Everyone my name is Cheryl Flannigan , I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who voted for me allowing me to become Vice President of the Students' Union for Blackpool School of Arts.
(Due to the change in curriculum area, Cheryl will be joint VP of LML)

I first attended Blackpool and the Fylde in 2018 -2019 where I started my academic journey on the Access to HE course studying English. Which abled me to continue on to where I am now. In September I will be returning to complete my 3rd and final year on the BA Hons English Language, Literature and Creative Writing degree course where I have enjoyed every minute of it . Meeting amazing people and building my knowledge and confidence too.

I cannot wait to meet everyone on the return in September, bringing a fresh new vibe to the role, I will be part of a team ensuring you are happy as a student and feel supported throughout your academic journey.

That’s all from me for now... Make sure you come and say hi!

Enya-Louise A'Barrow-Smytheman - HE VP of Society, Health and Childhood

I aim to continue studying here next year and complete my PGCE. I have a background in musical theatre also. I do gigs playing guitar, piano and singing around the north west in my spare time. I currently work with young people within the residential care setting and have done for the Past 4 years.

I am passionate about helping students learn, maintaining a good mental attitude and have the classroom be a place students look forward to being. Part of my role as student rep, I have actively sought out feedback from my fellow students and collated a list of things that students were struggling with and things they felt were beneficial. I then organised a meeting with our curriculum managers to see if we could make some changes to enable our class to thrive. This helped a lot, especially during the pandemic when our teaching was online and learners were struggling to adapt.

By forming relationships with each other as students, we can support one another with issues that may seem a lot bigger when faced alone. As Vice President of SHaC my focus will be to bring B&FC students from all areas together to promote well-being, peer support and see if as a community we can improve the learning experience. My aim is by improving the social aspect of college with groups set up by fellow students such as “have I got brews for you” to engage and support one another, in turn will improve the way we learn and grow as students creating a better educational atmosphere.