Emily Baines - FE VP of Access

Hello Everyone! My name is Emily Baines and I will be the Vice President of Access for the upcoming academic year 2021/2022.

I would like to thank everyone for this amazing opportunity and I cannot wait to meet all of you individually.  I hope we can have a very successful year and time together as a Union. I have been waiting for this fantastic moment since the day I became a part of the Students’ Union and the College.

I attended B&FC in 2020 and completed by first year of the Foundation Gateway Entry Level 1 Further Education achieving Entry 3, Entry 2, Level 1-2 in Maths, English, PSDR Work Experience. During my time at the College, I served as a class rep and at the end of my first year, was elected to be Vice President for 2021-2022.

During the pandemic, I continued my chosen course and thankfully I passed my exams, Whoop! Whoop!

I love watching Netflix or listening to music. I can talk for ages on the topics I love because of this, during the pandemic it has helped me connect with my peers better and developed my skills working within a team.

I am excited to be your FE Vice President for Access in the upcoming academic year. I hope we can have a memorable year together. I want to make the College a safe and happy environment for all students within my curriculum area so that everyone can be One College.

Zoe Rae - FE VP of Blackpool School of Arts

My name is Zoe Rae, this is my first year at Blackpool and Fylde college. Before this I did my A-levels. I am hoping after this year, I can continue my education here to study a degree. I have always loved doing art and being here has allowed me to learn new things and express myself.  

As Vice President of FE School of Arts, I am passionate about helping others. I am hoping I can help students learn, improve any issues they are experiencing, maintain a positive atmosphere and do the best that I can. When I applied for the role, my goal was to help and make changes. I volunteered for student rep, which allowed me to collect feedback from my peers and I was able to report these issues and find solutions to help. It has helped me grow as a person, become more confident and form a relationship with my class. We all support and help one another, which has helped from the first day. We are able to talk to each other and come up with any solutions for the problems we are facing.  


Mason Brooks - FE VP of Computing

 I have attended B&FC since 2019 studying IT, I had served as class rep for my second year and later was elected as vice president of the IT curriculum. I am a big fan of literature such as sci fi novels which I read regularly in my spare time

Elle Thirsk - FE VP of Engineering and Science

Hello my name is Elle Thirsk, I am Vice President of Engineering and Science!
I’m doing level 3 applied science for the next 2 years until I leave for university! But I won’t be far as I’ll be at the university centre.

So something a little personal about me...
I love watching crime series I can watch them for hours on end! This is probably the reason I’m very passionate about my future job working with the police!
However, you can’t beat a bit of greys anatomy!

So, if your joining Blackpool and the Fylde college in 2021 and your feeling nervous, just know you will have someone to come to if you need it ! You can contact me via teams anytime.


Rhiannon Campbell - FE VP for Society, Healthcare and Childhood Studies

Hey everyone. My is Rhiannon and I was voted in to be the vice president of society health and child.

I am so thankful you have all given me this opportunity. I am hoping to be able to support the students and give them an easier and more exciting college experience by giving them the opportunity to have someone to talk to while they are new to the college and making new friends.

This subject is very close to my heart as I struggled with confidence when I was younger and struggled to make friends at school/college. Coming to this college has given me so much confidence and I have made some friends for life, and I want other students to have the same amazing experience as me.

I am a very chatty young girl who always where's my heart on my sleeve. These last few months I have become more sociable and outgoing.I have been an active member of St John for many years, and I am a keen archer, I love reading and drawing and learning new songs on keyboard.
I am currently studying level 3 health and social care. I have my level 1 in Makaton and British sign language and absolutely love signing songs