We're very excited to announce the results of B&FC Students' Union Executive Committee election! Congratulations to the new team, we can't wait to see what you'll achieve in the upcoming academic year

Students' Union Sabbatical Officer

Jamie Crawford


Darren Gorman - HE President

 FE Vice Presidents

Emily Baines - FE VP of Access
Mason Brooks - FE VP of Computing
Elle Thirsk - FE VP of Engineering and Science
Rhiannon Campbell - FE VP of Society, Health and Childhood Studies

HE Vice Presidents

Cheryl Flannigan - HE VP of Blackpool School of Arts
Ryan Thomson - HE VP of Computing
Vicky Henderson - HE VP of Engineering and Science
David Shackleton - HE VP of Leadership, Management and Lifestyle


Some positions are still available which will go to a by-election in the next academic year. If you would like to express interest in a position click the button below