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October in the UK is more than just falling leaves and cooler weather; it's a month filled with meaningful awareness days and social action opportunities that resonate with college students. Here is a selection of what to expect:

Black History Month
October marks the start of Black History Month in the UK. Celebrate the achievements of Black individuals and deepen your understanding of racial equity and justice. 

Hello Yellow for World Mental Health Day
On October 10th, "Hello Yellow" raises awareness about mental health. Wearing yellow shows support and breaks down stigma. 

Hate Crime Awareness week
This October, join the movement during Hate Crime Awareness Week to create a safer, more inclusive environment for all. Stand up against hate and make a positive impact on your campus and in society as a whole. 

Breast Cancer Awareness
October in the UK is dedicated to breast cancer awareness. Join us in wearing pink on Friday 20th to promote early detection and support those affected. 

As these dates approach, we will provide further information so be sure to keep checking the newsletters. 


Student Reps 

Being a Student Rep is a fantastic opportunity to get involved with the Students’ Union and make sure your voice is heard. You will be responsible for representing your group on the things that matter, which will help create and build the changes you would like to see. If this is something you like the sound of, talk to your tutor and put your name forward. 

B&FC Fantasy Football 

B&FC would like to invite you to join their Fantasy Football League. Joining couldn’t be easier, just click here and you will be added automatically after you have entered the game.  
The league code is: hfd2sv  


Free Gym 

B&FC Health and fitness centre are offering FREE gym membership to students this year for use Monday-Thursday 10.30am to 4pm and Friday 10.30am-2.30pm... with the option to upgrade to full time access for just £5 a month. Drop in for more information or to sign up! 


Enrichment is about helping you develop the skills and qualities you’re going to need for the future and your dream career. We have a range of enrichment activities that you can get involved in, from online to in person, and something to suit everyone. Have a look on the SU website to see what’s on offer. You can now also follow us on Insta or Facebook for more updates.

SU Societies

Looking to join, lead, or create a society? Look no further. All of our societies are student led, and SU supported. We cannot wait to see how you shape these over the next year! Check them out here


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Citizen Cards are valid Photo ID in UK elections and are also proof of age. As we are a member of National Union of Students (NUS), we've been able to team up with CitizenCard so you can get a FREE Voter ID (usually £15). Get your ID here or use code 'NUS' at checkout