Nourish to Flourish week 9-13 May

Nourish to Flourish week is a wellbeing event held once per term. B&FC bring together key partners to offer a support package for students that promotes wellbeing. This week you can join us for a ‘Coffee and Chat’ and meet support internal and external support services in reception areas. 

Meet representatives from B&FC Partners for Success,  Living Streets, NHS Healthier Minds, SHINE and Social Prescribing Mental Health and Wellbeing Support Teams.

09/05/22 - Bispham Campus - 12-1:30PM
10/05/22 - Seasiders Campus - 12-1:30PM
11/05/22 - University Centre - 12-1:30PM
12/05/22 - Gateway Campus - 11:30-1PM
13/05/22 – Fleetwood Campus - 11:30-1PM

The theme of this week’s Nourish to Flourish is ‘get connected’ exploring in particular the many benefits to our mental health, positive wellbeing and resilience that connecting and building a relationships has on combatting loneliness.

Monday 9 – Friday 15th May marks Mental Health Awareness Week hosted by the Mental Health Foundation, this event aims to raise awareness around mental health, provide support and guidance, and encourage us to spread the message of good mental health for everyone.

The theme chosen to mark this year's Mental Health Awareness Week is ‘Loneliness’. The pandemic has had a significant effect on the mental health of many different members of society, at times causing much loneliness and anxiety. You can find out more from research findings over on their website.

So let’s remind ourselves what Loneliness is

Loneliness is when we feel we do not have the meaningful relationships we want around us. It is something we can all experience from time-to-time, throughout our lives, and will be different for everyone.

Connection with people

Connections with family, friendships or social connections with the community (College, sports teams, clubs, volunteer organisations etc) provide support and increase feelings of self-worth. Taking action to strengthen our relationships and create new connections is important contributor to resilience and happiness. 

Social wellbeing fitness