The AoC are giving college students a unique opportunity to show off their creativity and technical skills by creating a 30 second video and winning the chance to get a paid commission to work on a national campaign.

For this competition, students are being asked to create a video highlighting the brilliance and diverse work of their college to support the Love Our Colleges campaign.

It’s about the students’ interpretation of what a brilliant college is and you can use whatever platform or medium they want to showcase it on social media – YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok.

There are no limitations on what form the video takes, it could be an animation, song and dance, music video or a livestream. All we are looking for is a medium which brings the subject to life, tells a compelling story and uses a student’s imagination.

The video could focus on the college’s impact on their community, how the college has transformed an individual’s life or been part of a life-changing experience.



There are three ways to submit your video

Twitter: by tagging @aoc_info with #MoreThanACollegeComp
Instagram: by tagging @aoc_sport with #MoreThanACollegeComp
Email: Include your video in a shareable link (via YouTube, Tiktok etc) and send to



The competition launches on 7 September and closes on 20 October. A panel will then judge all the entries and announce the winner on 22 October. 



The winner will be paid to create a short video for social media to support the Love Our Colleges campaign.