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Free Short Courses:

Music For Wellness Berklee College of Music

Music for Wellness: Learn how music can help reduce stress and improve your health, and well-being.

Introduction to Biology- The Secret of Life.

Explore the secret of life through the basics of biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology, recombinant DNA, genomics, and rational medicine.

The Practitioner's Guide to Global Health.

Learn how to safely and effectively participate in global health rotations, projects, and volunteer work.

The University of Iceland: Friendship Machine: forming new types of human connections.

 Themes include friendship, loneliness, and the societal implications of a new type of human connection rapidly being formed in the 21st century.



Re-train Your Brain With Self-Care

Dima combines neuroscience and self-care. She looks at how the science we have can impact our wellbeing and improve the way we see.



Wind Down

Listen to 8 Podcasts- Soothing stories and soundscapes to help you drift off to sleep.

Motivation Daily

Motivation Daily is for anyone looking for motivation, inspiration and encouraging words and advice to help you on your journey in life.

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