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Free Short Courses

Steps in Japanese for Beginners- Part 1

Learn casual expressions which are used among people who know each other well and the small talk which helps build personal relationships.

Applying Social Work Law to Asylum and Immigration

This course will present an overview of the policy and law that relates to social work with people involved in the asylum and immigration system and will introduce you to the ways in which social work practitioners can support people with insecure immigration status, refugees and asylum seekers more effectively. It will highlight some of the realities of asylum and immigration in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland today.

Applying Social Work Law With Children and Families

This course will introduce you to the law as it applies to social work with children and families in the United Kingdom. You will learn about varying definitions of childhood and family and then explore underpinning principles of the law relating to child rights and parental responsibilities. You will look at the key legislation relating to children and families across the UK, which all share a number of core principles, including the non-intervention, no order and welfare principles.

International Human Rights Law

Learn how an individual’s human rights are protected from both public and private power by international laws.

Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills

Build negotiation skills and learn how to use and apply negotiation strategies to your life with the University of Michigan.



Bilingualism Matters Edinburgh Webinar (with BSL interpretation) 

With seemingly conflicting stories about bilingualism often appearing in the news, how can we work out the truth from eye-catching headlines? As with many other examples of confusing information we get nowadays (including CoViD-19), there are ways in which we can distinguish fact from fiction, quality from quantity, substance from slogans. Illustrated with recent examples, Thomas will discuss how to find a path through a forest of conflicting results.

 Webinar: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Learn more about imposter syndrome and how to overcome it with this webinar.


Saving Species

Examining the world of nature and the challenges of wildlife conservation.


Songs for beginners for a variety of languages.


Peace talks for the culture wars.
In an era of polarisation, propaganda and pile-ons, AntiSocial offers an alternative: understanding, facts, and respect. Each week, Adam Fleming takes on a topic that's generating conflict on social media, blogs, talk shows and phone-ins and helps you work out what the arguments are really about.