This year marks the change from the Year of the Ox to the Year of the Tiger.

Tigers are the third of the Chinese zodiacs. According to legend, Tiger was confident that no one could compete with its speed and vigour for the celestial race that would decide the order of the zodiacs. However, when Tiger climbed out of the river, thinking it was first, it was informed that Rat placed first for its cunning and Ox placed second for its diligence. This left the king of the jungle having to settle for third place.

Lunar New Year is an opportunity to reunite with family and celebrate traditions dating back over 4,000 years. The date of the Lunar New Year changes every year because it is based on the lunar calendar. The traditional lunar calendar used in Asia is based on the moon's orbit around the earth. While the new year is typically associated with a fresh start in many cultures, the Lunar New Year is seen as a time of reunion and rebirth, marking the end of winter and the start of spring

The most common way to wish someone a happy Chinese new year is the Cantonese greeting, "Gong hei fat choy." However, you say it, happy Lunar New Year!