International Slavery Museum 

As the month draws to a close, it is time for us to look back and reflect. 

Black History Month celebrates the huge contribution that Black men and women have made to British society. Black history has been marginalised, disregarded, appropriated, and distorted for far too long in the UK and elsewhere; this month-long celebration honours the occasions and figures who have influenced and continue to influence our culture.

On the 18th October,  Students' Union took nearly 60 students from Uniformed Protective Services, Travel and Tourism, and Performing Arts and headed over to Liverpool's Albert Docks to visit the International Slavery Museum.

Looking out the window, at the dock where slave ships once loaded goods before setting sail to Africa, reflecting upon times that have passed. 
Emotional, yet insightful. Fascinating, yet heartbreaking. Raw, but real. 
We took a look back from historic slavery to the ongoing contemporary issues such as racism and injustices. While cabinets bore the shackles of those enslaved, and blood stained clothes from the innocent who were subjected to torture based on the colour of their skin. Other walls shone with floor to ceiling dedications to the inspirational and high achievers. 

Nonetheless, Black History Month should be a celebration, not just in October, but in October and beyond. A celebration for all that has been overcome and all that is yet to be overcome.