Big Student Webinar

The Big Student Webinars (BSWs) are for students' to feedback on their experience of the College outside their main programme. It is an opportunity to discuss areas which will enrich and engage students' in their College community.

Meeting dates are arranged at the start of the academic year.

It is chaired by the Sabbatical Officer with help from the FE/HE Presidents and attended by:

  • Student Reps
  • Vice Presidents
  • Invited members of B&FC staff

There are 2 meetings each academic year for FE and HE.

The agenda is generated from the Students' Union Executive Committee.

Meeting dates this year 2020/21:

FE - Tue 8th Dec and Tue 23rd March - 12-1pm 

HE - Thur 10th Dec and Thur 25th March - 12-1pm