Time to go the distance!

AoC Sport and B&FC are pleased to launch the Go the Distance Challenge as part of our ongoing virtual programme to get students and staff active during COVID-19.

The Go the Distance Challenge is an inclusive run, walk challenge using the free Strava app.
B&FC will compete against other Colleges to reach the total or engage the most students in running or walking 456 miles – the equivalent distance from AoC's most Southern member (Truro and Penwith College) to their most Northern member (Northumberland College)

There will be prize draws for each region for colleges that achieve the total distance in each challenge. There will also be a student engagement prize for the college which get the most students involved in each challenge, as well as the college which has the most recorded activities. 

Leaderboards will be finalised, and winners will be announced by Wednesday 8 July. 

Join in and help us beat our competitors! We only have till the 5th of July!